Our products are used in:

  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Domestic

A number of reasons make these products a must use in the industrial sector, for example:
  • no more lost man hours
  • increased productivity
  • low maintenance
  • no more down time for machinery due to bad quality of water
  • to name but a few.




Cooling Tower without ScaleStop

Cooling Tower with ScaleStop

Irrigate with Confidence

To our farmers we say "Irrigate with Confidence" because our products have proved an increase in harvests of up to 15%! Ground infiltration is improved by 84% due to the fact that the treated water gets absorbed by plants much quicker and easier. Therefore another 50% less water is lost due to evaporation.


Previously unsuitable water can now be utilised and ensure excellent crops! The system neutralizes salts in brackish water and reduces the salinity in the soil.  Absorption into the soil is increased by up to 35% resulting in less water being lost due to evaporation.




Untreated Water

ScaleStop Treated Water

The system also changes the molecular structure of the water. Iron and other metals do not precipitate, cause corrosion or blockages of dripper nozzles. Water is improved because toxic substances are neutralized. NO more hard water!


Drippers stay limescale free


Scalestop provides healthier, better tasting water and it is a 100% Environmentally Friendly.

hotwaterelementbefore_ezg   hotwaterelementafter_ezg
Element without ScaleStop Element with ScaleStop