Advantages of Scalestop

KALK_PYP_NewThe logical solution to limescale and rust problems.

Prevents scale build-up – Protects equipment
Scale build-up causes equipment to malfunction and break down. With ScaleStop equipment is protected and eliminates unnecessary breakdowns. Downtime maintaining equipment is cut by half ! Saving you time and money.

Removes existing scale deposits
The lifespan of equipment is lengthened considerably by using ScaleStop. Replacing faulty equipment is costly. By preventing scale build-up and even removing existing scale deposits equipment lasts much longer –Again ScaleStop saves you money.

Proven effectiveness
ScaleStop has been tested on a variety of applications and equipment including cooling towers, boilers, geysers and chillers – Without exception ScaleStop has always proven to keep these systems clean of scale deposits. Where existing deposits were present, ScaleStop treated water also flushes away these deposits gradually.  See our Testimonials

No chemicals required – Environmentally friendly
Conventional ion exchange water softeners require resin that needs to be “recharged” with salt, which is not environmentally friendly. ScaleStop does not use chemicals.
It is 100% environmentally friendly with no by products. Because ScaleStop uses no chemicals or salts – (compare with conventional water softener) more savings are achieved. Resin in softener ages and has to be replaced.

Low maintenance and running cost – Saves time and money
Valves in softener are volatile and can be problematic. ScaleStop on the other hand has no moving parts. The system is designed to run quiet and effectively with minimal maintenance. The unit can be opened and cleaned in 10 minutes. This is done to ensure constant effectiveness - only twice a year.

No electricity – Installed anywhere
The ScaleStop device uses no electricity and clean water systems and heating elements result in lower electricity bills. Power interruptions confuse rinse cycles in
fully automatic resin softeners.

Cost effective – Look at the low Price !
The price of a ScaleStop water descaler is considerably less than that of a conventional water softener. The savings that ScaleStop brings about results in the unit paying for itself in a short period of time.

Replacement parts readily available
Because nothing in this world lasts forever it is recommended that the inner core (electrode) is replaced after 5 years of use to ensure constant effectiveness (Model C25 only). These replacement electrodes are readily available and are standard made to easily fit into the existing outer and are supplied with new fitment washers.

12 Month guarantee – Peace of mind
The ScaleStop carries a 12 month manufactures guarantee against faulty workmanship

Customer care line
Should you require any assistance with regards to installation questions or maintenance, the customer care line is always available.
Simply call: +27 (0) 722 417660