About Us

ScaleStop (S.A.) is a close corporation enterprise duly registered with the registrar of companies in South Africa. ScaleStop (S.A.) has been operative since January 2005

ScaleStop has a network of agents and distributors, including farmers co-ops, countrywide throughout South Africa. The managing director is Mr. Jean Massyn.

The company deals in water treatment-related equipment, specialising in scale inhibitors.

The business has a constantly increasing number of regular customers.
Sound business practices ensure that, in a highly competitive market, ScaleStop is a recognised name in the water treatment industry in South Africa.

Goods are sold throughout South Africa and exported globally: Countries include Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates, Botswana and Namibia. All necessary documentation relating to export licenses has been obtained from the relevant authorities. Customers include SANPARKS, ESKOM, thousands of farmers, households and industries.

The limescale inhibitors are manufactured to the highest-quality standards by an engineering company according to specifications. Strict quality control is of the utmost importance. A technician employed by ScaleStop assembles the various components to form the finished products.

ScaleStop is a member of the I.R.C, Global Water Group, Water Network Group, Water Technologies and the American Water Works Association.